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traningLIBERIA – According to the most recent UNDP report, Liberia is ranked 174th out of 187 countries with comparable data in the United Nations Human Development Index. Hundreds of thousands were killed in Liberia’s 14-year civil war, while hundreds of thousands more were internally displaced or fled the country altogether. The conflict left the country in social and economic ruin, partially due to the widespread destruction of homes, public health and education facilities, and administrative buildings. The process of rebuilding this war-torn country will take many years.Liberia’s infant and under-5 mortality rates remain among the five highest in the world. More than 15 percent of children die before reaching their first birthday. 45 percent of Liberian children under age five are chronically or acutely malnourished. Devastated health facilities and a diminished health care workforce hinder the Liberian government’s ability to provide basic health services to a desperate population.After the war, Liberia’s infrastructure fell into severe disrepair, making it difficult for people to meet their own basic needs, including the need for water and sanitation. Four in five Liberians are without access to basic health and education services. 36 percent of the population lacks access to safe drinking water and 68 percent are without adequate sanitation services.                           LIVING WATER’S WORK IN LIBERIA

Living Water Liberia was established in May of 2004 and has successfully completed more than 690 water projects since inception. For the past five years, Living Water International has worked throughout Liberia, drilling shallow wells and repairing broken pumps with a trained national team. For the first four and a half years, the ministry concentrated around the Monrovia area, serving approximately 900,000 people with clean water and health and hygiene training. Over the next three years, Living Water International Liberia will focus on projects in and around Bomi, Montserrado, and Margibi counties as we transition into our new compound at Tower Hill. In 2013, Living Water is forecasted to rehabilitate 50 wells and drill 16 new borehole wells in Liberia.